Coldplay veers into the mystic on new song ‘Midnight’

Coldplay takes a bit of a left turn in the British band”s new tune, “Midnight.” The trance-like tune features Chris Martin”s heavily-processed vocals layered upon a bed of a spacey beats.  The band dropped the song with no warning at, appropriately enough, midnight. It”s the first new music from Coldplay since “Atlas,” written for “Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”

Sounding more like a song from Peter Gabriel or Bon Iver, “Midnight” follows no traditional song structure, instead relying on a certain ambient charm to make its case.

The lyrics are fairly indecipherable other than “leave a light on,” at the end. The track”s video, a druggy negative-image movie of the band frolicking in the woods above the lights of Los Angeles directed by Mary Wigmore, certainly doesn”t provide any illumination.

Given its mysterious appearance and lack of any attendant press release from the band”s usually reliable press team, it”s unclear if this is a one-off, a trial balloon testing the band”s new direction, or the first single from would would be Coldplay”s sixth studio album and followup to 2011″s “Mylo Xyloto.”

What do you think of Coldplay”s new sound?