Colin Firth and Emma Stone spark chemistry in ‘Magic in the Moonlight’ trailer

Woody Allen is back this summer with Colin Firth and Emma Stone in “Magic in the Moonlight.” He's obviously hot coming off major awards success “Blue Jasmine” (also a summer release from Sony Classics last year) and the trailer for his latest promises plenty of chemistry between his leads.

I'm intrigued by the premise. A stage musician (Firth) whose job is to wow with the artifice of the “supernatural” is sent to the south of France to debunk what may well be an honest-to-God legit medium (Stone) who has won over a wealthy family. The thematic strength is evident from the get-go, and of course it would be – Allen has honed his craft year after year for decades and, even when his films miss, they always have something profound to say at their center.

I'd say this looks like a potential delight. Firth and Stone look to have interesting chemistry and Allen's collaboration with cinematographer Darius Khondji also continues to bear fruit as this has that sun-kissed beauty that's become a hallmark of the director's latter-day work.

Firth has a full year ahead of him, what with this and moving into action star territory with “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” He's also voicing the eponymous “Paddington” and stars in the already-released Toronto 2013 players “Devil's Knot” and “The Railway Man.” Stone, meanwhile, has gone ahead and lined up another project with Allen, so here's hoping sparks are flying there. It seems like a great pairing.

Check out the trailer for “Magic in the Moonlight” below. It hits theaters July 25.