Comic-Con Thursday TV highlights include a ‘X Files’ reunion and a ‘Dexter’/’Hannibal’ showdown

Comic-Con 2013 will kick off its Thursday, July 18 TV programming with the return of a “Lost” favorite and will end the day by forcing fans to choose between two serial-killing favorites.
July 18 will already be a big day for TV fans with the early morning announcement of the Emmy nominations, but Comic-Con has a busy day of new shows and returning favorites to keep sleepy attendees chugging along on the first day of the Con.
CBS’ midseason drama “Intelligence” will be the day’s first panel at 10 p.m. in Ballroom 20 and while audiences may be interested in getting a really early look at the “Chuck”-esque pilot, they may be even more interested in saying “Hi” to Josh Holloway (and perhaps “Once Upon a Time” favorite Meghan Ory).
That day in Ballroom 20 will also include The CW’s “Star-Crossed” and “Beauty and the Beast,” plus a panel for the reliably rambunctious cast of “Psych.” But expect most of the lines that morning to be generated by the 3:30 reunion for “The X-Files,” which may or may not feature David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. 
For fans of TV comedy, the guys from “Workaholics” and “South Park” will be doing Thursday panels and if you look hard, you may even find Patton Oswalt somewhere. 
But the day’s biggest showdown may come in the early evening when fans of rampant serial killing will be forced to choose between a Hall H farewell to “Dexter” and a more intimate “Hannibal” panel. 
HitFix will have you covered either way!
Here are some of the bigger TV options for Comic-Con Thursday:
10-11 a.m.
Ballroom 20
Who: Stars Josh Holloway, Meghan Ory and Marg Helgenberger will be joined by producers Michael Seitzman, Rene Echevarria and Tripp Vinson.
Lowdown: “Intelligence” has a Comic-Con-friendly premise with its Internet-enhanced hero, but the big draw for fans will obviously be the triumphant return of Sawyer himself, Mr. Josh Holloway. Expect squealing. Oh and Meghan Ory may have to answer a few questions about why she’s apparently no longer going to be on “Once Upon a Time.” Talk about early access, this one doesn’t premiere til spring.
11:00 – noon
Ballroom 20
Who: Stars Aimee Teegarden, Matt Lanter and Grey Damon will be joined by producers Adele Lim, Meredith Averill, Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec and Scott Rosenberg. That’s a lot of producers.
Lowdown: Expect many questions about whether or not the producers are aware that there used to be a somewhat similar show about star-crossed lovers and aliens called “Roswell.” Or maybe this will just be a chance for Aimee Teegarden to talk about a “Friday Night Lights” movie or for Grey Damon to speculate on what happened to his “Nine Lives of Chloe King” character. It’s unclear if the whole pilot will screen.
“Beauty and the Beast”
Noon – 12:45 p.m. 
Ballroom 20
Who: Stars Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk will be joined by producers Jennifer Levin and Sherri Cooper.
Lowdown: The Comic-Con description includes hashtags referring to #Beasties and #VinCat, so somebody must be watching the critically savage, low-rated CW show. Otherwise, this panel will be a lot of people killing time for “Psych” and “X Files.”
1-2 p.m.
Ballroom 20
Who: Dule Hill, James Roday, Maggie Lawson, Tim Omundson, Kristen Nelson and Corbin Bernsen will be joined by producers Steve Franks, Kelly Kulchak and Chris Henze. Oh and Cary Elwes is moderating!
Lowdown: You think “Psych” is an unlikely Comic-Con show until you joined a packed room for one of this USA favorite’s inevitably free-wheeling panels. “Psych” always fills Ballroom 20 and you can pretty much count on some wackiness, whether that includes surprise guests or Dule Hill tapdancing.
2-3 p.m.
Indigo Ballroom
Who: Star-writer-producers Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, Anders Holm, and Kyle Newacheck will hold court.
Lowdown: This panel may not seem Comic-Con-y, but it’s almost certain to be funny. Sometimes that’s enough.
2:15-3:15 p.m.
Ballroom 20
Who: Producers Steven Moffat, Mart Gatiss and Sue Vertue will try to take some of the sting from the absence of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.
Lowdown: Sigh. No Sherlock. No Watson. That’s going to put a lot of pressure on Steven Moffat to be charming. Fortunately, Steven Moffat is always charming and between “Sherlock” and “Doctor Who,” it’s hard to imagine there being any lack of questions for him.
“The Blacklist”
3-4 p.m.
Room 6A
Who: Oddly, Comic-Con is dubbing this a “Panel Session with James Spader,” even though he’s going to be joined by co-stars Megan Boone and Diego Klattenhoff, plus a quartet of producers.
Lowdown: NBC is putting a lot of promotion behind this action-thriller and you can be the first person on your block to actually see the Joe Carnahan-directed pilot. Then you can stick around to see if James Spader does or says anything weird. Guess what? He probably will.
“Murder Police”
3-4 p.m.
Room 25ABC
Who: Producers David Goodman and Jason Ruiz will be joined by voice talent Will Sasso, Chi McBride, Peter Atencio and Justina Machado.
Lowdown: Hmmm… FOX midseason animated comedy. So… Maybe there will be some funniness? Chi McBride is a hoot? Will Sasso is amusing? This is where you’ll go if the line for the “X-Files” reunion is just too darned long.
“The Sidekick”
3-4 p.m.
Indigo Ballroom
Who: Stars Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr, Josh Meyers, Richard Speight Jr., Jordan Peele and creators Michael J. Weithorn and Rob Benedict.
Lowdown: This is a 30-minute short about a professional superhero sidekick who reaches middle-age and finds himself unemployed. “Felicity” and “Supernatural” fans will be happy to see Rob Benedict, while “Party Down” fans might enjoy that Martin Starr/Lizzy Caplan reunion.
“The X-Files” 20th Anniverary
Ballroom 20
Who: As of now, Comic-Con is only teasing creator Chris Carter, plus writers David Amann, Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, John Shiban and Jim Wong, but David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have been reported to be on-board.
Lowdown: If we need to explain why this is cool, you probably don’t care. If we don’t need to explain why this is cool, you’ll probably be standing in line at 7 a.m. ready to sit through a bunch of panels that don’t interest you. Look at that all-star list of producers. Even if Anderson and Duchovny aren’t there, that ought to be a ton of fun. 
4-5 p.m. 
Indigo Ballroom
Who: Elijah Wood and Jason Gann will be joined by co-stars Fiona Gubelmann and Dorian Brown, plus producers Reed Agnew, Eli Jorne, David Zuckerman and Randall Einhorn
Lowdown: “Wilfred” is a Comic-Con favorite and panels have been known to get outrageous. And if Elijah Wood and Jason Gann aren’t draw enough… GUBELMANN!
Brave New Warriors
4:45-5:45 p.m.
Ballroom 20
Who: Matt Smith, Kit Harington, Steven Yeun, Tyler Posey and David Giuntoli.
Lowdown: This EW-moderated panel features a random assortment of men from TV shows that will be paneling at Comic-Con. Sometimes these panels are fun. Sometimes it’s just the stars killing time before their real panels later in the Con. There’s really no way of knowing.
“South Park: The Stick of Truth”
6-7 p.m.
Room 6BCF
Who: Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
Lowdown: This is actually a panel for the upcoming video game “South Park: The Stick of Truth,” but it’s the “South Park” guys, so who are we to not let TV fans go? Heck, bring your “Book of Mormon” questions too!
“Teen Wolf”
6-7 p.m. 
Ballroom 20
Who: Stars Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, Charlie Carver and Max Carver will be joined by creator Jeff Davis.
Lowdown: This is a big upgrade for “Teen Wolf” this year, taking over Ballroom 20. And we’re willing to bet that if you only want to see “Teen Wolf,” you’ll be able to walk right in after the post-“X-Files” exodus. Join us in line when we ask Jeff Davis when the show is finally going to introduce Boof.
“The Heart, She Holler”
6-7 p.m. 
Room 25ABC
Who: Patton Oswalt, Amy Sedaris and Heather Lawless, plus creators John Lee and Alyson Levy.
Lowdown: Even if you haven’t watched this wacky, in-bred Adult Swim series, you may see a certain amount of comedic potential in a panel featuring Patton Oswalt and Amy Sedaris. If you don’t care about serial killers or teenage werewolves, this would be a good way to wrap up your Thursday.
6:30-7:30 p.m.
Hall H
Who: Stars Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, David Zayas and James Remar will be joined by producers John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Scott Buck and Manny Coto.
Lowdown: Wow. In its final Comic-Con panel, “Dexter” is getting the big bump to Hall H. “Dexter” is a Comic-Con favorite and if you’ve been to one or two panels, you know exactly what to expect: Michael C. Hall will be asked if people react to him differently now and he’ll talk about his own killing instincts. Jennifer Carpenter will talk about swearing. And the producers will bend over backwards not to spoil anything, while attempting to plug an online game of some sort. 
Room 6A
Who: Creator Bryan Fuller, pilot director David Slade and producer Martha De Laurentiis will be joined by Hugh Dancy.
Lowdown: Last year, Bryan Fuller filled a room to speculate on “Hannibal” and his failed “Munsters” reboot. This year, “Hannibal” has aired and developed a small-but-devoted fanbase, so expect plenty of discussion of culinary artistry, slipping go past network censors and what comes next after that stunning finale.