Coming up for air

See, this is what happens.

I am nothing but good intentions. But real life has a way of climbing all over those good intentions and kicking me around a bit. In this case, it's just been a labor-intensive week, and everything's been focused on finishing that top ten list, as well as the worst of list for next week.

I remember as a kid waiting each year for the annual Siskel & Ebert best of/worst of list. And I remember not caring at all which films made the list. I just loved listening to them take one last lap around the year, pointing out the things that were important to them. When I record my top ten list (there will be a video countdown), I feel like I've come full circle as a film fan and as a film writer.

What happens, though, is in those last few days before publication, everything else sort of falls away. That included blogging, and eating, and sleeping, and several other ings, I'm sure. I can't believe I didn't have time to rant and rave about that “Fury Road” trailer yesterday. I found it on Hulu Plus last night, so cranked up my sound system and played it on the bigscreen TV until I'm fairly sure all of my neighbors hated me.

So worth it.

I've got a whole bunch of “Inherent Vice” coverage for you today and tomorrow, so look for that, and I'll also be publishing #30 – #11 in my countdown just in time for you to guess what actually made it to the top ten.

And then we can start to look forward to 2015, where I hope this blog will continue to evolve under the guidance of our new editor-in-chief Richard Rushfield, and also thanks to you continued input.