Dan Harmon’s Iron Man suit from Comic-Con up for auction on eBay

(CBR) If you read about, or saw, with envy “Community” creator Dan Harmon”s triumphant return to Comic-Con International wearing a custom-made, if somewhat haphazardly constructed, Iron Man costume, now”s your chance to make it your own. OK, maybe you don”t envy it; maybe you”re just a die-hard fan of Harmon or the NBC comedy. Whatever the case, the suit is being auctioned on eBay.

It”s legitimate, as the seller appears to be Rob Schrab, Harmon”s longtime writing partner and creator of “Scud: The Disposable Assassin,” and the “Community” creator announced the auction himself on his website. If you still somehow question the costume”s authenticity, the top of the chest plate is signed by Harmon and – better still! – it “Smells like Dan!” What more proof could you ask for?

If you”re curious about its construction, well, the auction listing states the costume was built less than 16 hours before Harmon arrived at Comic-Con. Still, the battery-powered heart, back plate and palms all light up.

Oh, and one other thing: “It got a little beat up when Jim Rash and Danny Pudi took it off of Harmon but if you”re good with a hot glue gun, it can be fixed up pretty easy. It was literally thrown together.”

The top bid at the moment is $510. You can see Harmon”s Comic-Con entrance in the video below.