‘Community,’ Neil Patrick Harris get snubbed by Emmy Awards


While the announcement of Emmy nominations is usually a cause for celebration, there’s always a dark cloud of suckage in the otherwise merry occasion. For the overlooked and underappreciated, it’s a morning worth sleeping through. Or maybe it’s still cause to rise early – to find a new agent.
Sandra Oh, “Grey’s Anatomy” for Best Supporting Actress
Though after seven seasons “Grey’s” has been losing steam, it seemed like a good bet that Oh, a four-time nominee for her work on the show, was a good candidate for another nod. With her character suffering post traumatic stress disorder and briefly quitting surgery following a hospital shooting, she had plenty of dark, scary places to go. But it’s a no for Oh. Oh come on, like you could pass that one up.
Michael Pitt, “Boardwalk Empire,” Best Supporting Actor
As the ambitious war veteran and Al Capone cohort, indie-film vet gave one of those restrained, intense performances that usually gets noticed. “Boardwalk Empire” certainly didn’t get overlooked with 18 nods.
Aubrey Plaza, “Parks and Recreation,” Best Supporting Actress
While Jane Krakowski nabs her third nod for the funny but one-note Jenna Maroney, the supporting cast of “Parks and Recreation” (Aubrey Plaza included) was overlooked. Plaza’s deadpan delivery may have been too deadpan for the Academy, but it seems odd that only Amy Poehler would get a nod when the show itself is nominated for Best Comedy. This isn’t “The Amy Poehler Show,” people!
Neil Patrick Harris, “How I Met Your Mother,” Best Supporting Actor (and a whole lot of other people)
This category may be the one most crowded with oversights. Neil Patrick Harris, who has wowed us with his turns on “Glee” (for which he won an Emmy) and hosting the Tonys (for which he won an Emmy) was nominated last year “HIMYM.” While the show is uneven at bet, Harris makes it worth watching. Also distressing was the absence of “Community” stars Donald Glover and Danny Pudi, whose characters have the best, most natural bromance on television. Nick Offerman of “Parks and Recreation” was also overlooked, despite his ability to steal scenes with just his moustache.
Emmy Rossum, “Shameless,” Lead Actress, Drama
Perhaps the inclusion of Kathy Bates (always great, but this time great on the corny “Harry’s Law”) makes the lack of attention for Rossum’s unglamorous turn as the daughter of an alcoholic (William H. Macy) all the more disappointing. Also passed over: Kyra Sedgwick for “The Closer.” Though she won last year, another nod might have been a nice send-off for the show.
Gabriel Byrne, “In Treatment,” Lead Actor, Drama
As a therapist with problems, Gabriel Byrne is always worth watching – unless, apparently, you’re an Emmy voter.
Toni Collette, “The United States of Tara,” Lead Actress, Comedy
Though she won in the category and got a nod last year, apparently Toni Collette (and her turn as a woman with multiple personalities) has lost its appeal. But none of us will have the show to kick around any more, as it’s another TV casualty.
Rob Lowe, “Parks and Recreation,” Lead Actor, Comedy
Though Rob Lowe made an Alec Baldwin-worthy turn by leaping from drama (“West Wing”) to comedy, apparently it wasn’t enough to impress voters.
“Justified,” Outstanding Drama
While Timothy Olyphant was recognized for his turn as an old-school U.S. marshal, it wasn’t enough to get the Academy interested in the series he stars in, “Justified.”
“Community” and “Louie,” Outstanding Comedy
Two of the most genre-busting comedies on TV, “Community” and “Louie” failed to make the cut. Though “Louie” did earn a nod for its star, Louis C.K., his naturalistic acting isn’t really what makes the show so compelling – it’s the show’s dark, sometimes poignant look at life after divorce. And that “Community,” which redefines meta and turns the sitcom on its ear, would be passed over so completely is just wrong, plain and simple.