Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter take the Batmobile for a spin, only blow up one ice cream truck

If you thought that Conan opening segment when Conan O'Brien took his show on the road to San Diego in Fury Road's Doof Wagon was great, you'll love last night's tribute to Batman v Superman.

O'Brien and his faithful sidekick Andy Richter need to rent a car, but are faced with either a Toyota Corolla that is unfit for celebrities of their stature or, for just five dollars more, the Batmobile. They take the Batmobile, and then take full advantage of its voice modulator, cloaking device, and speed before they're pulled over for going approximately 400 mph over the speed limit.

They also inadvertently take advantage of its firepower, but only blow up one ice cream truck. Unfortunately, O'Brien didn't choose to buy the rental car insurance.