Confirmed: JJ Abrams sneaks a Klingon into MTV Movie Awards

In the last few days, I’ve been talking with a number of friends about “Prometheus,” written in part by Damon Lindelof, and the careful campaign of secrecy that Fox and the filmmakers mounted while it was in production.

Obviously, Lindelof has some experience with working on something that he wants to keep secret, what with his time on “Lost” and his experiences working with JJ Abrams.  Right now, I’m enjoying the build-up to the still-untitled sequel to “Star Trek,” if for no other reason than it seems to be driving the Internet crazy.

Abrams, of course, is the king of playing games with the Internet while he’s in production on something, and so far, he’s played things very close to the vest on “Star Trek 2.”  Close enough that people still are arguing about whether or not Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan in the film, and close enough that there’s still rampant speculation about whether or not he’s going to include Klingons in the film.

Thanks to Abrams himself, though, that no longer appears to be a question.

I missed his appearance on the MTV Movie Awards last night, but very soon after it aired, TrekMovie.com put up a piece in which they included the verrrrrry interesting image that you see attached to this story.

It seems that there was a Klingon on a monitor behind Abrams during his appearance, and TrekMovie started speculating about where the image came from and what it means.

HitFix can confirm that you are indeed looking at a new image from the sequel there, and that it is indeed a Klingon you’re looking at on the screen. 

We asked our sources at the studio today to comment, and while they were reluctant to go on the record, they were careful to point out that the image wasn’t included in the clip by accident.  It’s a fun way to tease the design, and if you look at that TrekMovie story, they also have an image from the 2009 film of a Klingon used in a deleted scene.  Looks like they wear these striking metal helmets in this iteration of the “Star Trek” universe, and that this will be getting in on the action for the new film.

So what do you think?  We’ve got confirmation that the most famous aliens aside from Vulcans in the “Star Trek” universe will be in the sequel.  Are you happy to hear it?

The “Star Trek” sequel will be in theaters May 17, 2013.