Could Joe Wright direct ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’?

05.10.13 6 years ago
After paying a reported $5 million dollars for the rights to the trilogy, Universal has talked about trying to get “Fifty Shades of Grey” into theaters in summer 2014. Of course, to do that, they need to get some pieces in place, like a cast and a director (Kelly Marcel has already been confirmed as the screenwriter). Now it seems Universal may have found their director.
According to a story at The Hollywood Reporter, Joe Wright has emerged as a front-runner to helm the adaptation of E.L. James’ work. Wright has previously worked with Universal owned Focus Features on several films, including his most recent movie, 2012’s “Anna Karenina” which starred Keira Knightley (Knightley having worked with the director on other occasions as well). 
A bestseller, “Fifty Shades” has become a cultural phenomenon with an avid fan base.   It has, in some corners, made the subject of S&M go from quietly mentioned in hushed tones to a full throated discussion and brought the term ‘mommy porn’ to the fore.
Will Universal be able to lockup everything they need to get “50 Shades” in theaters next year? We shall find out.

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