Craig Ferguson says on his final ‘Late Late Show’: ‘I wanted to make this clear, I’m not retiring’

Craig Ferguson says on his final “Late Late Show”: “I wanted to make this clear, I'm not retiring”
Read spoilers from tonight”s “Late Late Show” finale, in which Ferguson alludes to reports that he”ll be back with a new early evening syndicated talk show featuring his “Late Late” sidekicks.

Why “The Colbert Report”s” finale was a cop-out
The celeb-filled finale, says Megan Garber, “was the star-gazing stuff that is so extremely typical of most late-night television: Look at all those celebrities! On one stage! Singing! You could read all that as Colbert bidding a fond farewell to irony as he leaves Comedy Central for the warm embrace of network TV. But it's hard not to note how starkly it contrasts with the thousands of episodes of ‘Colbert' that preceded it.” PLUS: Of course “Colbert” wasn”t going to die.

Revamped “Mythbusters” has “a new look, a new vibe, and it”s become more educational again”
Exec producer Dan Tapster and Adam Savage discuss the changes to the Discovery Channel series now that Grant Imahara, Kari Byron and Tory Belleci are gone. And Savage confirms that he and Jamie Hyneman – “we”re not friends.”

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“7th Heaven”s” Stephen Collins denies he”s pedophile
“A pedophile is someone who is mainly or wholly attracted to children,” Collins tells Katie Couric in an interview airing tonight on “20/20.” “I'm not. I had a distortion in my thinking where I acted out in those ways. But I'm absolutely not attracted, physically or sexually attracted to children. I'm just not.”

“Orange is the New Black” unveils a Christmas song
Watch the ladies of Litchfield sing the “12 Days of Christmas.” PLUS: Uzo Aduba quit acting the day she was hired for “OITNB.”

Jeff Probst promises to revive “Survivor”s” epic vote delivery montages
A staple of the early seasons, the vote delivery montages have been absent in recent years. Probst says one was even shot for a recent season, with him paddling in Venice, California, but it had to be scrapped.

“The Mindy Project”s” Mindy Kaling & Chris Messina win best on-screen couple at People Magazine Awards
People”s inaugural awards show, airing on NBC, was so unconventional that even Jon Hamm won an award for “Mad Men.” PLUS: People Magazine Awards debut to soft numbers.