CulturePop No. 38 – David Casey of ‘Ice Cold Gold’

and 02.27.14 5 years ago

Ever been to Greenland? If you get a chance — be warned that you might be so entranced you'll never be able to quit the place. “Ice Cold Gold” executive producer David Casey visited once and headed back with this Animal Planet show, now heading into its second season (the season premiere is Thurs. March 6 at 10:00 p.m., but you can catch up on the first season series finale tonight as well). We talked to Casey about how he got prospectors on board even though doing a TV series about what's supposed to be a top secret dig seems like it would be pretty tough (it wasn't), the dangers and challenges of digging (and visiting) Greenland despite increasing temperatures, and the connection between Greenland and Oscar-nominated “Gravity” (there really is one!). We had fun — and we hope you do, too.

1:30 Getting them on board — easier than you'd think
4:05 Because Greenland is so remote, challenges popped up in unexpected places
6:20 This is the first Animal Planet show focused on the planet part, not the animal part 
10:23 The hellish logistics of setting up camp
13:50 How close it came to going home empty handed — which is pretty close
14:50 Tempers fray — it's “Treasure of the Sierre Madre” paranoia!
17:20 They do have a plan B, and it's Greenland
20:00 Greenland can smack you or love you
20:55 Let's talk money!
22:30 The story of the prospector — and what keeps them going
23:35 How Greenland is changing — you can shop there now!
26:20 Why he loves Greenland
28:10 Why watch now? 
30:20 The Greenland – “Gravity” connection
33:20 How far they can go when people get into trouble
34:20 Miners are everywhere — there's gold in them there hills!
38:00 Everyone loves Greenland

Thanks for tuning in — see you next week!

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