‘Daily Show’ calls out scared Republicans over debates

“The Daily Show” took on the newly debate-shy Republican presidential candidates last night, pointing out that the same people who claim they “eat nails when I wake up” (Jeb Bush), who say those who “wage jihad on America” are “signing [your] death warrant” (Ted Cruz), and are “used to, you know, dealing with killers” (Donald Trump) are now scared of debates with mean questions and are demanding new rules to try to “baby-proof the whole election.”

There was also a special shout-out to Ben Carson's complete lack of energy.

As Trevor Noah pointed out, the Republicans' complaints that Democratic candidates only got “softball” questions in their debates rang a little hollow when Hillary Clinton was asked if she would “say anything to get elected” and “change your political identity based on who you're talking to” and Bernie Sanders was asked “how can any kind of socialist win a general election in the United States?”

Noah ended the segment by urging Republicans to toughen up, because the job they want is all about difficult questions (and rapid aging).

Watch below: