Damien Rice is cold, wet, sad and dancing in his ‘I Don’t Want to Change You’ video

10.16.14 4 years ago

Damien Rice found the most beautiful docks of all the docks and got sad on it.

“I Don't Want to Change You” is the first single from the Irish singer-songwriter's forthcoming album “My Favourite Faded Fantasy,” out on Nov. 10 and co-produced by Rice and Rick Rubin.

“Change You” is danceably upbeat wild party ride of a firework, with lots of cheerful whistles and a rap verse.

Just kidding, it's a slow, mellow, bummed-out chugger, which we've grown to know and love about Rice. The video matches: all blue hues and wet wool, Rice is solitary as an oyster on his gorgeous Icelandic dock, with small jilts of movement and crawling motions to and from the water until that bridge (the song bridge, not a bridge-bridge) where he has himself a little Thom Yorke-ian freak-out which I could scarcely call a “dance.”

Damien Rice dances or freaks out

To compare:

Thom Yorke dances in Lotus Flower

“My Favourite Faded Fantasy” will be released on Nov. 10, almost exactly eight years after his last album “9” dropped.

Here are Damien Rice's North American tour dates, all of which are sold-out:

October 16   New York, NY     The Box
October 17   Brooklyn, NY     Warsaw
October 18   New York, NY     The Box
November 15  New York, NY     Apollo Theater
November 21  Montreal, QC     Metropolis

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