Damon Lindelof sells mysterious ‘1952’ pitch to Disney

Damon Lindelof, you are no longer the Padawan.  Obviously, you’ve now graduated to full-blown Mystery Box Jedi.

Who knows what “1952” is?
  Well, Disney executives know, but that’s it.  Other than them, Damon Lindelof isn’t telling anyone what to expect from what is described as “an original sci-fi family adventure film.”

Fine.  I don’t need to know a logline to know I’m interested.  Lindelof has been a busy, busy man since “Lost” went off the air a year ago, and whatever he’s doing, I’m interested.  I want to see what he cooks up because I just plain like the way he thinks.  I remain a “Lost” fan after the ending of the show, and no matter what I thought of individual choices made along the way, that was a great ride overall, and I begrudge the creators of the show nothing.  They entertained me for six years.  Well-played.  That’s all I asked.

Lately, Lindelof has been Captain Collaboration, which makes sense coming out of television.  That teaches you a different creative process than most feature work does, where you’re focused on individual goals for the most part.  Working with Alex Kurtzman and Robert Orci, Lindelof is currently hard at work on “Star Trek 2,” and the trio is also responsible for this summer’s “Cowboys & Aliens.”

The thing I’m most interested in with Lindelof’s name on it, though, is “Prometheus,” that quasi-“Alien” movie that Ridley Scott’s directing at the moment.  Whatever it is, it sounds like Lindelof had a great experience on it, and I genuinely hope it reinvents that universe on film in a way that makes me care about it again.  They’ve burned down a lot of goodwill on the “Alien” films, and it’s going to take some smart, bold choices to make me want to spend more time in that world.

Whatever “1952” ends up being, I look forward to the gradual reveal, and I’m curious to see if he ends up directing at all, or if that’s even something he’s interested in.  Right now, he’s just set as a writer/producer, and who knows?  Maybe that’s the exact role he wants.  Whatever the case, I would imagine Disney’s watching this weekend’s grosses on “Super 8” closely, and I hope this one comes together quickly.

Now how much you wanna bet January Jones ends up starring in it? Hehehehe…