‘Nightcrawler’ returns to theaters because Jake Gyllenhaal’s crazy eyes can’t be ignored

Dan Gilroy”s sadistic, mesmerizing “Nightcrawler” did well during its theatrical run, making nearly $30 million at the domestic box office. Jake Gyllenhaal commanded critical attention (in our review, Drew Mcweeny declared that it may well be the best performance the actor has given in his career) and everything from Gilroy”s tight script to Robert Elswit”s hazy photography snowballed the praise. “Nightcrawler” made a splash – and now it”s going to take a second dip in the pool.

Open Road Films announced Wednesday afternoon that it would re-release “Nightcrawler” into theaters beginning on Dec. 5. There”s no hiding the intention: The company”s press release notes that members of AMPAS, ACE, ADG, ASC, BAFTA, CAS, DGA, FIND, HFPA, MPEG, MPSE, PGA, SAG NOM COM and WGA would be able to use their guild cards to gain free entrance to the screenings. People need to see “Nightcrawler” and start thinking Best Actor.

In “Nightcrawler,” Gyllenhaal stars as Lou Bloom, the most terrifying millenial of all time. He harbors immense ambition, he hustles, he does everything to get ahead in his new profession as a L.A. crime journalist. Everything. Everything Gilroy does with his direction serves Gyllenhaal”s ferocious performance, steady and piercing. It”s the unusual acting work that really demands the big screen treatment – I mean, seriously, look at those eyes. 

Gyllenhaal faces stiff competition when it comes to the Best Actor race, from Michael Keaton in “Birdman” to the Internet”s own boy, “Imitation Game” star Benedict Cumberbatch. Determined to make their tour-de-force known, Open Road prop up “Nightcrawler” just in time for the holiday season. Because nothing says Christmas like ambulance chasing.