Watch: Daniel Craig goes for a dive in new ‘Skyfall’ video blog

Boy, does this look like no fun at all.

Daniel Craig gets wet – very wet – in a new behind-the-scenes video blog from the set of the latest James Bond installment “Skyfall,” which takes viewers behind the scenes of a particularly complex underwater action sequence that sees the actor submerged in a 1.2 million-liter tank for what appears to be hours on end.

“[Daniel] was in the water a lot yesterday. Not only has he gotta concentrate on the fight, he’s gotta concentrate on the acting as well,” says Stunt Coordinator Gary Powell in the video. “It is tiring, cause you’re moving a lot more than you think you are – you know, just lifting your arm is more weight on it cause you’re underwater and all that. So, you know, he probably had a really good night’s sleep.”

In addition to the video, 15 new images featuring Craig and co-stars Javier Bardem (sporting a blond ‘do!), Naomie Harris, Berenice Marlohe and Ben Whishaw hit the web over the weekend. After watching the clip, you can click through the gallery below to check out all the pics.

“Skyfall” is slated for release on November 9.