Dave Bautista on being the scariest Bond villain of all time

You'll notice something about Dave Bautista's role in “Spectre”: It's scary as hell.

James Bond movies have always featured dastardly villains, but it's rare that a 007 foe is grittily violent. Bautista gets to be just that, and he's proud to chill you. 

“That was the whole goal of this character, to be so ominous and so terrifying, to come on and make a statement,” he told us. “The characters in the past, the henchmen, they were scary and they were the bad guys, but they weren't just terrifying. Sam [Mendes] wanted this guy to be terrifying.”

We caught up with Bautista to discuss Christoph Waltz's intimidation tactics, the actor he's most thankful for, and how he learned to act.