Dave Grohl talks Grammys, beefs and more with Nas on ‘Chelsea Lately’

02.06.13 6 years ago

Foo Fighters frontman and “Sound City” director Dave Grohl took time off from his busy schedule to guest host “Chelsea Lately” this week. On Tuesday night, he sat down with Nas, and they discussed the rapper’s Grammy past, hip hop beefs, Coldplay and more. It was a too-rare summit between two of the most famous names in rock and hip hop. 

In the past, Nas has had harsh words for rivals Common, Jay-Z and others. When Grohl asks if rivals apologize when a beef arises, Nas says no. “Once you say it, you gotta ride with it,” he explains, adding, “Hip-hop is really standoffish. It”s really competitive and it”s really about who”s number one all the time. Sometimes it gets out of hand, definitely.”

The former Nirvana drummer jokingly says that he makes fun of Coldplay (who doesn’t?), “but I would never say that out loud.” Nas is amused greatly by this. 

The rapper is nominated for four Grammys this year, and will be at the show on Sunday evening, but agrees with Grohl that some categories get the short shrift on the show. “I feel it could be a little bit more love. Hip-hop is making a lot of noise. It should get some more spotlight.” However, the Grammys have shown him plenty of love. When asked if he’s been nominated before, Nas instantly answers, “18.” That’s a lot

Watch the interview here

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