We Built This: Dave Matthews Band’s fans create video for ‘Mercy’

What happens when you ask fans to collaborate on your new video by sending in photos and videos? You get a patchwork of images and a huge headache if you”re the editor. You also get a lot of people who came up with the exact same idea to visualize the song.

Dave Matthews Band”s video for “Mercy” may be the biggest crowd-sourced clip ever made. According to the clip, 14,334 fans contributed footage. The editor managed to find all 438 who drew hearts for the word “love,” and group many of the lipsyncers together.

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As for the band, we mainly see Dave Matthews” mouth, which, oddly has grown so recognizable that it stands out.

It”s a nice way to include fans, especially given that the song is about inclusion, unity, and harmony.

“Mercy” is the first single from DMB”s new album, “Away From The World,” which comes out Sept. 11.

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