David Bowie says he’ll release new music soon

It took ten years for David Bowie to follow-up 2003's “Reality” with last year's Grammy-winning “The Next Day,” but the legendary singer promises he won't make fans wait that long for his next album.

As NME reports, Bowie released a statement which was read at a London charity event which benefitted the Terrance Higgins Trust and celebrated Bowie's 50th anniversary of musicmaking.

The statement reads, “[London] is even better than the one you were in last year, so remember to dance, dance, dance. And then sit down for a minute, knit something, then get up and run all over the place. Do it. Love on ya. More music soon. David”

The phrase “More music soon” doesn't reveal very much — will it be an album of new material? More “Next Day” outtakes? Some sort of collaboration? — but fans can start getting excited now, and we'll keep you posted on any further developments.

Now if he'd only announce a new tour…