David Bowie’s bizarre ‘Twin Peaks’ character was supposed to return in the new series

The late, great David Bowie made my list of 11 major omissions from that massive 217-name cast list for Showtime's forthcoming Twin Peaks revival, and — adding insult to injury — it turns out the Thin White Duke almost reprised his role as disappearing FBI agent Philip Jeffries from prequel film Fire Walk With Me before dying of cancer earlier this year. That news was spilled by cast member Harry Goaz (reprising his role as Deputy Andy Brennan) in a new interview with the Dallas Morning News:

Goaz says David Bowie, who had a small role in the 1992 film spinoff Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, was set to return to make a cameo, but it didn”t happen before the musician”s death this year.

This will no doubt come as fairly crushing news for Bowie fans and especially for Twin Peaks fans, particularly given that Jeffries' bizarre appearance in the '92 film — which saw the rock icon and sometime actor speaking in a Southern drawl before ultimately disappearing into thin air — was never really explained (though in fairness, much of the power of Twin Peaks comes from what David Lynch and Mark Frost leave unexplained).

Here's Bowie's big scene from Fire Walk With Me:

(via Gamespot)