David Duchovny has watched, been moved by your ‘X-Files’ ‘shipper videos on YouTube

Good news, 'shippers! David Duchovny has watched your Mulder and Scully tribute videos on YouTube, and he's actually kinda touched by them! From TV Guide

“For some reason, I got diverted on YouTube to some fan compilations putting Mulder-Scully stuff with songs,” Duchovny explains in the video above. “I was watching a couple of these and I was like, 'Man, these are really moving!'

“I kind of got it for a second,” Duchovny says, “but it was more like an appreciation of how it's appreciated. Because honestly, we're going to sit here and get asked this question all day long for the rest of our lives and we don't have a f—ing clue. We're just doing it.”

Doing it. Heh. 

Here's the full clip from TV Guide: