Listen: Dawes flies high with new single, ‘From A Window Seat’

“When you don”t know where you”re going, any road will take you there,”  Dawes lead singer Taylor Goldsmith sings on the Southern California band”s bouncy “From A Window Seat,” the first single from the Jacquire King-produced “Stories Don”t End,” out April 9.

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The song, which chronicles a frequent flier”s first-person account as he views the country from 35,000 feet, has a train-like chugging, persistent beat, punctuated by a striking guitar solo during an instrumental bridge.

The story takes some interesting twists as the protagonist at first is observing his fellow passengers and the flight attendants, whose motioning toward the exits seems “more like a prayer or an ancient dance their bloodline reaches through,” but as the song progresses, his thoughts turn more inward. It”s a compelling story and one that even those who aren”t on planes nearly every week can relate to.

The song rolls along in a fairly consistent manner without the traditional verse/chorus structure, which makes it less dynamic than some of Dawes” previous work, but it has an almost hypnotic appeal as the steady beat lures the listener in.

Below is a recently- released trailer of the band recording “Stories Don’t End” in Asheville, N.C.