DC Comics’ ‘Lucifer’ is set to become a Fox series

DC Comics” “Lucifer” is set to become a Fox series
“Californication” creator Tom Kapinos is behind the project based on the comic book character, about the Lord of Hell who abandons his kingdom and moves to Los Angeles, where he opens an exclusive piano bar called Lux.

Anheuser-Busch, one of the Super Bowl”s biggest sponsors, is “concerned” with the NFL”s handling of recent controversies
“We are not yet satisfied with the league”s handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our own company culture and code,” the company said in a statement. “We have shared our concerns and expectations with the league.”

A biography of Joan Rivers is due out in 2016
The book by journalist Leslie Bennetts will draw on interviews with Rivers” fellow comedians as well as other associates. PLUS: Billy Eichner pens a tribute to Rivers.

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Is the TV bubble about to burst?
Since 1999, there has been a 1,000% spike in the number of scripted shows on network and cable TV. Which begs the question: How much is too much?

“The Mindy Project” returns tonight with “probably our dirtiest season”
“There is a moment in the premiere that will hopefully blow people”s minds in that regard,” says exec producer Matt Warburton. “Chris Messina is capable. He”s a versatile guy, and we”re going to go as far as we can push him. The fact that he was willing to do what we asked him to do – and you”ll see what I mean when you see it – was kind of incredible.” PLUS: Inside the mind of “Mindy” “weirdo” Ike Barinholtz, 20 lessons learned from Mindy Lahiri, catch up with “Tamra” and “Beverly,” rating 20 “Mindy Project” dates by how disastrous they were, and check out Shonda Rhimes' present for the “Mindy” cast.

Watch the Ken Burns documentary “Ken Burns”
“A film about a subject that only Ken Burns can tackle.”

“Falling Skies” security guard dies in accident
Production on the TNT show was shut down near Vancouver after an unattended truck rolled down a hill and pinned a security guard to a tree.

“SNL” now has a real-life credit card
“Saturday Night Live” has teamed with MasterCard comes with such perk as an “SNL” leather wallet. PLUS: Pete Davidson follows a long line of standups to join “Saturday Night Live.”

Lena Dunham says she tried to buy the $900 ticket to her book tour
The “Girls” star tried to get ahold of the ticket, but the Craiglist poster wanted cash in person.

Julie Chen opens up about her family”s polygamist past
“My grandfather was a polygamist,” she revealed today on “The Talk.” “He had nine wives, six of who bore him children. He had 11 children that we know of, countless mistresses.”

Debra Messing, Octavia Spencer, Tea Leoni: 3 talented actresses in 3 terrible shows
The three very talented veteran actresses couldn”t overcome the terrible material on “The Mysteries of Laura,” “Red Band Society” and “Madam Secretary.”

“Doctor Who”s” most recent episode was its best in years
“Listen” is also the most Steven Moffat-iest episode of “Doctor Who” ever.

Santa Fe agrees to spend between $50K to $100K to lure “The Bachelor”
The New Mexico city is trying to lure the ABC reality show for some local filming.

Billy Crystal on his Robin Williams Emmy tribute: “I think it's the hardest thing I've ever had to do”
“They called me and said would you do it, and I said, 'Of course,'” he says. “But then came the task of doing it right and being sort of the spokesman for everybody in front of 17 million people.”

Peek inside the “Friends” Centrel Perk pop-up cafe
This week, it”s featuring Gunther.

“Broad City” comes out with mini webisodes
In “Hack Into Broad City,” Abbi and Ilana start a cereal war and smoke a lot of weed.

Ex-“ET” host Rob Marciano makes a “horny” Twitter mistake as an ABC News meteorologist
Marciano had to delete a tweet to Ging er Zee saying, “and like most people, weather makes me horny.”

“Play It Again, Dick” isn”t for all “Veronica Mars” fans
The CW Seed web spinoff, which premieres today, is good if you like “Veronica Mars” inside jokes. PLUS: It”s amusing despite a sparse plot and old jokes, and it”s an all-around opportunity for self-promotion.

3 “West Wing” ladies reunite
Allison Janney, Janel Moloney and Melissa Fitzgerald, who appeared together to raise money for Justice for Vets, talked today about what their characters would be up to these days. PLUS: Ranking every “West Wing” character.

What if “Jeopardy!” aired in reverse?
See what happens when Alex Trebek is answering the questions.

See the “Lost” cast: Then vs. Now
With the 10th anniversary approaching, Buzzfeed is using its slider technology to compare and contrast the cast.

“The View” had a political debate today straight out of 2005
Among today”s topics: Hurricane Katrina, George W. Bush and Kanye West. PLUS: The new “View” is like a tasteful luncheon, Rosie talks about her 50-pound weight-loss, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck wishes Rosie well.

Check out the new “Bones” house
“The house is mid-century design and fits in with Booth's love of things and the life of that era,” explains exec producer Stephen Nathan.

Bravo reveals details of “Best New Restaurant” from Tom Colicchio and Gordon Ramsay
Colichhio will host the reality competition debuting in January.

“Scandal” brings on “Private Practice”s” Brian Benben
Yet another “Shondaland” crossover.

You can now order “Sons of Anarchy”s” Ron Perlman”s memoir
“Easy Street” is due out on Sept. 30. PLUS: Theo Rossi talks “Juice.”

Ranking the characters of “ER”
Carol Hathaway is No. 1.

“New Girl” is back with everybody single and having sex
Creator Liz Meriwether says: “I do think this is the year of Cece and Schmidt. Schmidt, at the beginning of the year, is really trying not to go down his usual path of being obsessed with her. He”s really trying to fight against that. When we pick up the show, he”s really gone back to Schmidt of the first season-really cocky, sort of douchey, always has a plan.” PLUS: Max Greenfield talks Schmidt, and tonight is an attempt to hit the “soft reset button.”

Watch the trailer for Syfy”s reality show “Town of the Living Dead”
The unscripted zombie series follows the folks in Jasper, Alabama as they attempt to complete a zombie movie.

Check out a comprehensive calendar of fall premiere dates
From “New Girl” tonight to “Marco Polo” on Dec. 12.

Jerry Springer”s GSN game show “Baggage” is getting a spinoff
“Baggage on the Road” will travel to four cities.

“The Roosevelts'” 1st airing attracts 9.1 million
PBS aired the premiere twice on Sunday night, and some markets are showing as much as three times a day.