Demi Lovato turns back the clock in video for ‘Neon Lights’

Demi Lovato”s new video for “Neon Lights” plays out like a Samsung commercial that flashes back to the ’80s. Between the neon bracelets and neon lipstick all enhanced by black light, all that”s missing to complete the set is a Swatch.

There”s not much to the clip: The “X Factor” judge dancing in the club in her ’80s wear straight ouf of Ltd Express,  poses of her in the water apropos of nothing, and beautiful bodies in provocative poses. Add in the Samsung product placement and it”s a wrap.

The song, from her current album, “Demi,” is a bit of a cross between Rihanna”s “Diamonds” and Katy Perry”s “Fireworks” and Taio Cruz”s “Dynamite,  and feels inferior to all three.

Lovato is talented and capable of really nice music, but this does nothing to prove that. It is, however, an excellent set up for her “Neon Lights” tour, which kicks off in February. The outing also features Cher Lloyd, and “X Factor” alums Little Mix and Fifth Harmony.