Dianna Agron and Chris Messina role play in Sam Smith’s ‘I’m Not The Only One’ video

Sam Smith is bringing on the heartache in the video for the sultry  “I”m Not The Only One,” the British crooner”s follow-up to top 10 hit, “Stay With Me.”

The Luke Monaghan-directed clip inly features Smith briefly; otherwise keeping the focus on the drama that unfolds between a wife, played by “Glee”s” Dianna Agron, and her cheating husband, portrayed by “The Mindy Project”s” Chris Messina.

Agron seems perfectly oblivious at first, but as we quickly see, she just has a good game face and is keeping up appearances. However, in private, she crumbles.

After guzzling a bottle of wine, she continues to trail her husband, eager to catch him in the act. And he”s in the act, all right. Things get pretty steamy between Messina and her lover. And they”re heating up for Agron as well, as she burns his clothes right there on the lawn.

Watch til the end to see how it plays out. We all have our secrets.