Dick Tracy on the hunt for the missing Little Orphan Annie

(CBR) Although few seemed to realize it, Little Orphan Annie has been missing for nearly four years, a victim of both declining readership and a murderous war criminal. But in June, the comics page”s greatest detective will set out in pursuit of the plucky young heroine.

In a curious crossover by the “Dick Tracy” team of Mike Curtis and Joe Staton, Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks will hire the detective to find Annie, who was last seen June 13, 2010 in Guatemala, the captive of the Butcher of the Balkans. While the fugitive criminal boasted that he has slaughtered “many,” he refused to kill Annie and instead pledged to take her with him on his travels.

Since then, a distraught Warbucks has searched the globe for his adopted daughter without success, leaving him with only one option – Dick Tracy.

“Joe and I have planned Annie”s rescue for some time,” Curtis said in a statement, “and we”ll deliver action-packed, over-the-top thrills and chills as the two features combine their casts for what we hope will be the most historic tale in comic strip history.”

The final “Little Orphan Annie” strip

(via The Daily Cartoonist)