Did this photographer just take a photo of Priyanka Chopra’s butt during the Oscars Red Carpet?

Tonight is the biggest night in Hollywood. The entirety of Los Angeles grinds to halt to make way for the Academy Awards. But before the actors, directors, and everyone else take home their Oscars, they must walk the red carpet.

Ryan Seacrest was talking to Quantico actress Priyanka Chopra about her show, her fashion, and her wish that she”d remembered to eat something when a photographer appeared in the background. No big deal, those guys are everywhere tonight. But then he took a photo. Of Chopra”s backside.



Lets give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was just snapping a photo of Chopra”s shoes. Except her dress completely covers up her shoes.


What do you guys think? Bad photographer or just a bad angle of the E! camera?

[UPDATE- 2/29/16]: The L.A. Times reached out about the post and I would like to apologize for calling his professionalism into question.