Did You Know Diane Keaton is the Greatest Talk Show Guest?

Diane Keaton is the reigning queen of talk show guests for the following reasons:

1) She just took up an entire block of time on “Ellen” discussing the dozens of men she still wants to kiss on film. She identifies them by name. She has them written down. She is now forcing Ellen to arrange a ceremony in which she makes out with all of these men. David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, and Robert Redford are included.

2) The man she is most excited about kissing is Louis C.K.

3) She's sipping a martini in this interview.

4) She looks SMASHING. Diane is serving you the silvery Hugo Boss superglamor and she is positively ravishing as you struggle to take it all in. You gag on it while she laughs.

5) She refused to play beer pong correctly with Jimmy Fallon and instead just drank. She laughed while he scrambled. She laughed while we laughed (nervously).

6) There's an inherent excitement to her appearance since she's a living legend with enough fantastic movie performances under her (kickass) belt to make Vivien Leigh panic and shatter (again).

7) You never want her talk show segments to end.

Love you, Diane, and please, please, please keep it up.