The Hidden Easter Eggs In Disney’s ‘Big Hero 6’ Trailer

What happens when you take San Francisco and mash it together with the anime aesthetic of Neo Toyko? Well if you're Disney Animation Studios, you toss in robots and telekinetics then sprinkle with a group of teens loosely based on Japanese Sentai (think 'Sailor Moon' or 'Power Rangers'). Shake it together with an Origin Story™ and you've got the basis for 'Big Hero 6.'

Earlier today Disney released the first official trailer for their latest in-house CGI offering. And quite frankly, it looks adorable. Who doesn't love a robot who manifests drunken behavior when his battery runs low?

But while the characters and comedic timing in the trailer shine through, repeat viewings reveal a couple of sly Easter Eggs. What? You don't actively seek out the hidden gems lurking in the background animation of every Disney film? Are you new here?

The trailer focuses on an exchange between main character Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter) and a beleaguered police officer struggling to take this kid seriously. The cork board behind him is littered with Most Wanted posters and notices that are hallmarks of any precinct across the multiverse. But what's this?

Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures


Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Looks like Hans from 'Frozen' has a doppelgänger on the lamb in San Fransokyo. Some people never change, even across alternate realities. A mystery for science to unravel one day.

Bonus! The Special Bulletin behind above the policeman's hat uses the standard 555 phone number moniker but the area code is 628 in a nod to the latest San Francisco expansion that will be put into place in 2015.

Double Bonus! The San Fransokyo officer has a name badge. Upon closer inspection it turns out this extremely patient law enforcer has the last name of Gerson.
Image Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Disney isn't much for coincidences, so let's take this for the subtle hat tip to the legendary Betty Lou Gerson – voice of and inspiration for the iconic Cruella De Vil – that it is.

'Big Hero 6' hits theaters November 7th, 2014.