Andy Serkis wants you to join him in ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’

Has anyone ever told you that you look and move like an ape? Or Andy Serkis, motion capture movie star? Then this post is for you.

“War for the Planet of the Apes” director Matt Reeves and Serkis, who returns to play Caesar, announced a contest to get a bit part in the film, due out in July 2017. All you have to do is submit a video of yourself doing your “most lifelike ape imitation” to The winner gets to be in “Caesar's greatest battle yet,” although, you know, it'll be a CGI version of the winner and therefore unrecognizable. 

This contest also allows the judges to look through thousands of videos of hopefuls pretending to be apes, which could either be a lot of fun or the stuff of nightmares. Probably both.