Doesn’t look like LMFAO are reuniting yet: Redfoo talks solo-only 2014

LOS ANGELES – “More green in 2014.”

Redfoo was speaking from the red carpet line during Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy gala at the Beverly Hilton this weekend. But the producer/songwriter also hinted that “more green” won’t becoming from the LMFAO outfit. 

“We’re just solo,” he said, referring to his LMFAO partner and nephew SkyBlu. Currently, there’s no plan in place for “Party Rock” reunion, though there’s still a possibility of ending the hiatus because, y’know, relatives.

“We’re always together ’cause we’re family,” he said. 

LMFAO officially took a break in fall of 2012, after two albums and worldwide success with singles “Party Rock” and “Sexy and I Know It.” Check out what else Redfoo has to say about albums versus singles in the interview above.