10 best and worst lines from Drake’s new ‘All Me’ feat. Big Sean and 2 Chainz

Drake posted another new song to his OVO website overnight, and despite its title “All Me,” he gets a big bump from its guests: Big Sean, 2 Chainz and a bit from Aziz Ansari.

The latter appears only in a sampled quote from the comedian’s “Funny People,” as rap-inspired Randy, the stand-up with a DJ. “These bitches gotta start paying me for this, can’t get no more free Randy,” is the line. It’s something simultaneously so quotable and yet obviously satire.

There’s an element to Drake (and, at times, his cohorts) that toys with the absurdity, of the Lifestyle, the brags, the bravado and, of course, the money. Drake’s last album “Take Care” cast Good Drake and Bad Drake together, often in the same verse, and like an alter-ego gabbing all over his most vulnerable self. Or is it vice-versa?

On “All Me” — which moves smoothly over church bells, clanks, a music box, video game bomb noises, the constant brrr of bass and a dark, dirging voice —  there’s a continuation of Drake at his most divisive, and correspondingly, his most absurd. Big Sean and 2 Chainz follow suit. The result are some good, bad and funny lines, check them out below.

“All Me” follows “No New Friends” and “Started from the Bottom,” each supposedly leading up to the Sept. 17 release of his new album “Nothing Was the Same.”

1. Drake’s hook: “I don’t even know how much I really made, I forgot / It’s a lot, f*ck that, never mind what I got.” [Fine, Drizzy, forget we ever asked, jeez.]

2. 2 Chainz: “From the A to Toronto, we let the metal go off / And my dick so hard it make the metal detector go off.” [Opt for the pat-down.]

3. Drake: “I touched down at ’86 / Knew I was a man by the age of 6 / I even f*cked girls that used to babysit / But that was years later on, some crazy sh*t [Phew, that was a close one.]

4. Big Sean: “My new girl is on ‘Glee’ and sh*t / probably making more money than me and sh*t.” [Referring here to Naya Rivera. Doubtful she is the “broad on the floor year ’round like season tickets.”]

5. Big Sean: “I swear to God I got 99 Problems but a bitch ain’t one / I got 99 problems, getting rich ain’t one [Rhyming words with themselves is exactly one of the problems, done twice-over.]

6. Drake: I”m the light-skinned Keith Sweat / I’mma make it last forever… Look, just understand that I”m on a roll like Cottonelle / I was made for all of this sh*t.” [Not at all surprised at the proximity of a Keith Sweat nod and a poop joke.]

7. 2 Chainz: “You need that work, I got that work, got bitches in my condo / Just bought a shirt that cost a Mercedes-Benz car note” [Is it a shirt made of Drake?]

8. Big Sean: “I got trust issues, I’m sorry for the people I’ve pushed out / I’m the type to have a bullet-proof condom and still gotta pull out / But that’s just me, and I ain’t perfect, I ain’t a saint but I am worth it. [I see what you did there, with the pulling out. It’s showing us your card and then hiding it in your big deck.]

9. Drake: “Daddy was in jail we was talking through the window like a motherf*cking drive-thru / That was back then man, now my niggas rich enough to do whatever I do.” [Closing line, into the fade-out. One ounce of pure unadulterated Drake History, cut with the cheap stuff.]

10. Drake: “Ask you to please excuse my table manners / I was making room for the table dancers / ‘Cause if we judging off your advances / I just got paid like eight advances.” [I love this. This I love.]