Ed Sheeran just introduced a whole new generation to Kermit’s ‘Rainbow Connection’

Listen for the sound of a zillion millennial heads exploding this morning.  For a generation raised on the whimsical vision of Wes Anderson, Kermit the Frog's “Rainbow Connection” is like the Arc of the Covenant of warm, melodic, childlike but bottomlessly deep music. But the work of the Muppets in their 1970's incarnation is largely unknown to Generation Z.  Until now.

Last night, Ed Sheeran joined Kermit onstage at the first ever Red Nose Day USA charity event, broadcast on NBC. The event – the first US edition of a long-time British tradition –  brought together a cast of comedians, musicians and actors to raise money for children in poverty.  

Welcome to the world of the “Rainbow Connection” millennials! And now you understand why, 40 years after it was released, Generation X'ers still choke up gazing at those morning stars.