Ed Sheeran’s puppet twin is living the life in ‘Sing’ video: Watch

Ed Sheeran and his puppet doppelgänger are living quite the life in Sheeran”s video for “Sing.”

Whether it”s hanging in the limo, nuzzling party girls” breasts or guzzling champagne in the club, Puppet Sheeran is living it up (all with a pair of Beats headphones around his neck in a not-so-subtle product placement).  Real Sheeran is confined to performing the song on a sound stage, along with his buddy and “Sing”s” producer Pharrell Williams, while Pupper Sheeran cavorts with strippers, sings “Sing” with Asian businessmen, and even pukes confetti, until the end when Real Sheeran joins in on the puppet games. Was it all a dream? You”ll have to watch until the end to find out.

At one point, Real Sheeran caresses Puppet Sheeran, which is where it really started to get weird.

“Sing” is from Real Sheeran”s new album, “X,” out June 23.

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