Edgar Wright joins the podcast to talk ‘World’s End’ with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg

So maybe we can plan on doing these quarterly?

Actually, there is good news on the podcasting front. One of the benefits of HitFix having moved into office space is that it feels like we can turn things around much faster. We can react when stories are breaking. And, for the first time, I’m not the one cutting the podcast together, because our awesome editorial team is there to take the raw material and hand me back a finished podcast to publish.

It also gives us a place to record, and we can start inviting guests to join us in the studio. Just that one fact alone makes it feel like we’re starting a brand-new era. I’m going to gather some interviews at Toronto while I’m up there for the festival, and when I get back, we’ll be doing the first of what I hope will be a far more regular podcast. We’ll have a number for you guys to call in, we’ll have a schedule for when we record and when we post, and a pipeline to guarantee that me getting distracted doesn’t derail the entire thing.

For example, today’s podcast was recorded last Tuesday night. That’s why we discuss Elmore Leonard’s passing as a fresh thing. I tried to block out time to put it together all week even as I was finishing up last week’s work and preparing all the work that will be published during my vacation this coming week.

In the end, it was Matt Perez-Mora, one of our awesome editors, who jumped in and put it together for me. And after talking to the editing team, it seems like something that is, for them, fairly easy.

We cover a fair amount of ground in this one, and we digress mightily. It does occur to me how strange it is that these days, most of my conversations with Scott Swan, my co-writer for the last 20-something years, happen in front of a microphone, but that’s just how things have evolved.

There are two interviews included this time. The first is with Colin Geddes, the programmer behind Toronto’s awesome Midnight Madness section, and the second is with Edgar Wright, Nick Frost, and Simon Pegg. I think they’re both a lot of fun, and it makes for a big fat dense slice of podcasting goodness for you.

As always, you can find us on iTunes, or download it here or even just stream it from this article. If you like the podcast, make sure to review us on iTunes, because when we start the big push this fall, I want to help new listeners find the podcast, and I want to reward those of you who stuck with us as we did this wrong for long. I want to turn this into what I think it can be, a genuinely worthy use of your time each week.

Thanks for listening, folks.