Eminem and Rihanna did the Ice Bucket Challenge… on stage

Eminem and Rihanna took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in front of their fans — and not just online. The superstars participated in the internet stunt while they were on one of their Detroit stops of The Monster Tour. The last stop, that is.

Ri Ri and Slim Shady had a seat and were doused with ice water on stage in front of around 45,000 concert-goers. Previously, Dr. Dre threw the challenge to Eminem.

“I knew this sh*t was coming, but-tonight?” Eminem teased. Then it was tossed to Rihanna.

“I'm from the islands; I don't do this ice shit! This ice shit doesn't work for me,” she exclaimed. But, hey, for a good cause!