Eminem strolls down memory lane in ‘Monster’ clip with Rihanna: Watch

Rihanna wears more clothes than we”ve seen her wear in years in the video for Eminem”s “Monster” clip.

The “Marshall Mathers LP 2”  tune, which hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 last week, features Rihanna as a therapist who is helping treat Eminem, who revisits his much-used theme of going insane.

The video starts with the good doctor showing Em a tape of his life flashing before him. The tape is comprised largely from events in his life and from his past videos.

From there, it alternates between Eminem reliving the scenes from the tape, such as the rapper in an asylum, along with Dr. Dre;  shots of Rihanna singing her refrain, and Eminem standing in front a hotel on 8 Mile Road, in concert, and performing with Elton John at the 2006 Grammys. The images mirror the lyrics of the song, which take a trip back in time by referencing many of Eminem”s past hits.

He ends up on rooftop with a SWAT Team recalling a time when he was encaged… either in reality or in his own head… with the monster that lives there.

The clip doesn”t have the impact of their previous collaboration, “Love The Way You Lie,”  but that”s also because the song doesn”t have the same heft to it. However, it”s beautifully shot and both Rihanna and Eminem make the most of their parts. Plus, it”s a nice way to revisit much of Eminem”s career without doing a standard flashback video.