Endgame in sight for ‘Paranormal Activity’

(CBR) Looking forward to having a new “Paranormal Activity” movie ever single year for the rest of your natural life? You might want to cool your jets: Not only is that a wildly unrealistic expectation, but the hit horror franchise might be headed for its endpoint sooner than expected.

Christopher Landon, director of the newly released “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones” and longtime associate of the franchise, revealed to Shock Till You Drop that there”s an endgame in mind for the films.

“It started when we were making “Paranormal 2”,” he said. “We started making this mythology and it worked as a think tank for us. It was really when we were making the third film that things started to crystalize. I had an endgame in mind which I had pitched to the group and they loved it. We”ve been working toward getting to this finish line. But there is an endgame at play here.”

According to Landon, the “Paranormal” team lost sight of that endgame around the time of 2012′s “Paranormal Activity 4”. (“We were struggling with the fact we were a fourth movie and there were a lot of balls in the air,” he explained. “It didn”t come together as a whole.”) But in his eyes, “The Marked Ones” was designed “to win people back and let them know we”re going to keep pushing things forward.”

“The Marked Ones” was my opportunity to get [the story] back on track,” he said. “To answer some questions and ask some new ones. We have a lot more story left to cover, we”re hoping the fans allow us to keep going there. We had an idea as to where we wanted this to go for some time now.”

“Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones” is currently in theaters, and “Paranormal Activity 5” arrives on Oct. 22.