Listen: Enrique Iglesias likes you, really, on new song ‘Finally Found You’

We”re not sure it”s much of a compliment when Enrique Iglesias tells his loved one, “You know I won”t drop you like everyone else does” on his new song “Finally Found You,” but apparently it is since he later vows that there are only two choices to make “either you”re coming with me or I”m coming with you.”

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The rest of the song is upbeat and bouncy enough to make us a believer.  And Iglesias makes it through the whole song without talking about how he”s going to “f***” her tonight. He leaves dropping the F-bomb up to rapper Sammy Adams, who comes in during the last third to provide the obligatory rap that seemingly comes from a totally different song. Adams is in a club and he”s “drunk as f***,” loving the music that”s playing and he does manage to throw in a festive  “You go, girl!”

Back to Iglesias”s song, he”s finally found what he”s looking for, and it sounds remarkably like many other songs he”s done before and virtually every other song today that borrows David Guetta”s tremendously popular dance-pop whirl.