Every Song in Pitch Pefect 2… So Far

Pitch Perfect 2 is coming to theaters on May 15 wit the whole crew: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp and Elizabeth Banks are all back for the sequel. With a new trailer dropping on Feb. 10, we got a preview of some of the songs we can expect in the next film.

This is a comprehensive listing of the music of Pitch Perfect 2, so far.


Of course it”s back again – in the premiere trailer, the whole of the Barton Bellas sing it together around a campfire.

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“Before He Cheats”

The film”s Super Bowl commercial gave us a peek into the Barton Bellas doing this Carrie Underwood‘s break out hit single.


And the Green Bay Packers unexpectedly doing some Destiny”s Child.

“Wrecking Ball”

And trailer 2 revealed Rebel Wilson really wrecked it on this Miley Cyrus song and flashing Barack Obama.


And a sing-off where the German acapella team do some New Jack Swing on this Bell Biv Devoe track.


Which leads to Rebel Wilson leading the girls in a response round of A Tribe Called Quest”s underground hip hop hit.

“Run the World (Girls)”

And of course, Team USA/the Bellas finally taking on Beyoncé”s girl-anthem.