Too Long; Didn’t Watch Explains The ‘X-Men’ Movie Franchise In 3 Minutes

“The X-Men” are a vast and complex group of people. For over 50 years mutants with powers and secrets, relationships and betrayals, falls from grace and redemption arcs entertained thousands of comic book fans. All of which culminated in being shoved unceremoniously into the trash to make room for “Wolverine and Friends*.” Because audiences love the delightfully violent yet emotionally vulnerable human steroid known as Hugh Jackman and if Hollywood knows anything, it knows that you beat a franchise into the ground until the fans loathe the very thing they once loved.

And which point you hire Bryan Singer to ret-con everything and regain good will.

Repeat ad nauseam. 

But let's say you don't have time to go through the entire film franchise, then what? Well Mashable has done the leg work for you. Now you can be completely caught up on everything Wolverine before “Wolverine: Apocalypse” hits theaters in 2016.

*Formerly known as “The X-Men.”