Everyone shut up about Kit Harington’s non-existent haircut


The Internet is ablaze today with smug “I told you so!” think pieces about “Game of Thrones.” All of them – oddly enough – revolving around the length of Kit Harington”s hair. All you have to do is Google Kit Harington hair and you”ll pull up a smorgasbord of stories about how OF COURSE fans should”ve known Jon Snow was going to die because he cut his contractually-obligated hair after “Game of Thrones” wrapped filming back in December 2014.

There”s only one problem with all these stories. They don”t make a lick of sense.

All that short hair Kit has in “Testament of Youth”? It”s a wig. But that not even the “GOTCHA!” moment most folks are running with. No, the Jon Snow death spoiler supposedly came when Harington walked the red carpet for “Testament of Youth” in January. Here he is, sporting the haircut that spawned a thousand speculations.

OH MY GOD HIS HAIR IS…pretty much the same as always? Trimming two or three inches off isn”t exactly a buzzcut of finality. But then there”s this Entertainment Weekly article where Harington is asked point-black if he”ll cut his hair now that Jon Snow is “dead.” An editor”s note says “Shortly after this interview was conducted, [Harington] cut it.”

What the article doesn”t say is when the interview was conducted. Since this is what Kit looked like less than two weeks ago…

Image Credit: Amy Sussman/Invision/AP

…and paparazzi photos from as late as June 12th confirm there”s still no haircut,  it would appear Entertainment Weekly spoke to Harington right after filming wrapped last year and the haircut in question was his January trim.

Now everyone shut up about the smoking gun hair length. Azor Ahai lives!