Everything you need to know about the ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot is right here

Ever since the all-woman main cast was announced for Paul Feig”s Ghostbusters reboot, haters both sexist and non- have been burning the film on social media. Fun fact: the movie's first trailer is the most disliked in YouTube history, with over 900,000 “thumbs down” to just over 200,000 “thumbs up.” Hmm, wonder if that has anything to do with gender?

In any event, here”s a nice 2 ½ minute video primer on the forthcoming reboot, which covers all the misogyny-driven outrage (“I don”t support the new ‘female Ghostbusters” because they”ll just have their periods on to the ghosts,” wrote one delightful Twitter user), the first cut's Gone with the Wind-level running time (4 hours, 15 minutes!) and that awful, awful official theme song by Fall Out Boy feat. Missy Elliott (we don't blame Missy, by the way).

Watch the video above and below.