Exclusive clip: Chelsey’s test run at parenting backfires on ‘Myrtle Manor’

On this week’s episode of “Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor (Thurs. Feb. 20 at 10:00 p.m. ET on TLC),  Chelsey has a brilliant idea. Why not babysit for her sister so that Jared will be inspired to let her have a baby? Clearly, Chelsey knows nothing about babies.

In this exclusive clip, watch Chelsey and Jared get completely freaked out and overwhelmed by simple things like feeding a baby, changing a diaper and putting a baby down for a nap. As Kim points out, Chelsey and Jared may not be meant to be parents. Bet that won’t stop ’em!

Also in this episode, rival trailer park managers Becky and Roxy decide to settle the score once and for all with a stock car race. Because of course! Plus, Amanda”s budding romance with a Village Creek resident makes her public enemy #1 to Becky.
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