Exclusive: Eva Green on Vanessa as the Devil’s bride in new ‘Penny Dreadful’ sneak

There is always a lot of discussion about whether this actor or actress got snubbed for a Golden Globe, SAG Awards or Oscar nomination, but you know who got royally shafted this past season?  Ms. Eva Green.

Green, who many still probably know best for her role as the love of James Bond's life in “Casino Royale,” delivered an absolutely jaw-dropping performance during “Penny Dreadful's” first season.  As I've written before, Green literally blew all of her co-stars off the screen (except for the underrated rock that is Timothy Dalton).  And, along with show creator John Logan, fashioned one of television's more intriguing new characters in Vanessa Ives, a 19th century woman caught in the crosshairs of none other the Devil.  The idea she didn't even land a Globe nomination was criminal (SAG made slightly more sense) and we're hoping Emmy voters are smart enough to recognize her incredible work so far.

“Penny Dreadful” returns for a second season this May, but if you haven't watched the first eight episodes that constitute the first season there is still time (try Amazon Prime, iTunes of Google Play).  In the meantime, Showtime has provided HitFix with an exclusive “profile” (i.e., featurette), which features a conversation with Green about Ives.  The 34-year-old actress describes more deftly than I can where Ms. Ives has been and where she's going in season 2.

Oh, and yeah, turns out the Devil has decided Vanessa would be a perfect bride. No biggie.

Watch the exclusive video at the top of this post to find out more.

Don't be left out. Catch up with “Penny Dreadful” before season 2 begins on May 3.