Exclusive: Halle Berry on subtle art of future tech in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Extant’

Last summer, over 8 million people tuned in to watch Academy Award-winner Halle Berry try to unravel her missing memories in the futuristic thriller “Extant.”

When astronaut Molly Woods (Berry) returns home from a year-long space mission, she finds it difficult to reconnect with her husband John (Goran Visnjic) and their uncanny valley defying robot son Ethan (Pierce Gagnon). Oh, and she”s immaculately pregnant with what might be an alien baby. So there”s that. As Molly struggles to come to grips with her home life and unexpected pregnancy, things begin to fall apart at work when it becomes clear she wasn”t the only one who had a mysterious space visitor.

When CBS and Amblin Entertainment set out to create the world of “Extant,” it was imperative the world looked both familiar and alien at the same time. As if the future were right around the corner and yet years away at the same time. In the exclusive clip above, taken from over 90 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage on the Season One 4-disc box set, Halle Berry and Goran Visnjic talk about finding that balance.

“In each episode you will see some little element that tells you, you aren”t in 2014. That you”re slightly ahead of where we are,” said Berry.

Audiences may have to wait until next summer to find out what happens to the Woods” family next, but Season One will be available on Blu-ray and DVD December 16.