Exclusive: Joker returns from the shadows in BATMAN #37: ENDGAME

Despite recently finishing his run on “Superman Unchained”, writer Scott Snyder isn”t slowing down any time soon. His latest effort – “Batman: Endgame” – pits the Dark Knight against the entire Justice League.

When HitFix spoke to Snyder in early November, he hinted that “Endgame” would culminate with the ultimate showdown between Batman and the Joker.

At the time, Snyder told us, “Basically Joker comes and says 'You know, for a long time Batman you and I have played this game together where we circle each other like cat and mouse. But I”m tired of it and you”ve become boring to me. So now I”m just gonna end everything and destroy everyone.'”

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

And now after two issues of teases, pitting Joker-ized Justice League members against the Dark Knight, the puppet master returns. What is Joker”s “Endgame” for Batman? After the events of “Death of the Family,” any outcome is up for grabs. DC and Snyder are playing this arc so close to the vest that the solicit for BATMAN: #37 simple states the issue is “[…] so steeped in mystery, all we can tell you is the title!”

But perhaps these covers will help illuminate the plot. HitFix can exclusively reveal both Greg Capullo”s chilling cover art and a variant by none other than Andy Kubert.

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

DC also revealed to us that Kubert will be doing a total of 6 variant covers for “Endgame” – BATMAN issues #35 through #40 – each based on the theme of “Joker”s Greatest Hits.”

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

BATMAN #37 hits shelves both physical and digital on December 10th.