Exclusive: Kamala’s got a drone problem in MS. MARVEL #2

The SECRET WARS are over, and Kamala Khan is living the dream! Ms. Marvel has finally become an Avenger – fighting alongside the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor – but getting everything you want doesn”t always turn out like you thought.

In the first issue of ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT MS. MARVEL #1, Kamala struggled to keep ever aspect of her life together. Balancing school, friends, and romance is hard enough before you throw in “Avenging” into the mix. On top of everything else, Hope Yards Development has moved into the neighborhood with nefarious intentions. It”s this thorny issue, Ms. Marvel is dealing with in this exclusive peek at MS. MARVEL #2 from HitFix Harpy.

From the official solicit:

On the Avengers and on a roll! All Kamala needs to do next is take down the evil suits destroying her city without ruining her personal life! Too bad all of Jersey City thinks Ms. Marvel is the real enemy. Bad guys and bad hair days. (Also the title of Ms. Marvel”s next album.)

MS. MARVEL #2 will be available wherever comic books are sold on December 16.