Exclusive: Listen to this killer take on Bonnie Stillwatter’s ‘Devil Is People’

Give all of the awards to the full title of the alternate take of Bonnie Stillwatter's “The Devil Is People”: “The Devil Is People (The Cheech Wizard's Hemiolic Chantey at the Edge of the Anthropocene Epoch).”

Bonnie Stillwatter, of course is “a conceptual collaboration of artistry and friendship” between Will Oldham (aka Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) and noise/rock group Watter.

Now give the bulk of the rest of the awards to Bundy K. Brown (of Tortoise and Gastr del Sol) who had this to say about his mix of this heavy, righteous tune:

“For me, this is not so much a remix, as an alternate take of The Devil Is People, which I think even casual listeners will easily discern. I've never been fully comfortable with the avenues that remixes have typically been trafficked in, or the reductive approaches and expectations that seem to leap to most folks' minds when they think of remixes, and I think this version of the song fairly lives up to double a-side billing… or even triple a-side billing alongside the beer.”

What does beer have to do with a redux/alt-take/double-a-side/new limb/remix of a song, you may ask?

Temporary Residence is releasing “The Devil Is People” / “TDIP(TCWHCATEOTAE)” tomorrow (4/28) and to celebrate, on Saturday Bonnie Stillwatter played in five beer bars in New York, several of which may still bear the marks of my beautiful lost 20s. They served — naturally — Stillwater Artisanal beer.

Awards for beer. Awards for my 30s. We're all out of awards, People.

Here is the first version of “The Devil Is People” to have arrived from Bonnie Stillwatter: